Our company is a trading company specializing in cardboard machine and carton former and corrugating machine.
The history of the establishment in '45, ever expanding the sales network all over the world, now and in order to be from the world more than 40 countries in Thanks.
In the future, Miyazaki mill will continue to respond to the trust of clients like in the speed and quality you are armed with experience and track record of cardboard machine unique specialty, was found in the world.

Company Profile

Name Miyazaki Seisakusho Co., Ltd
President      Hisao Miyazaki
Main Business Corrugated cardboard used machine supplier
License number of secondhand dealer 441090001649
Establishment year 1969
Address [Head Office] 211-11 Tachizawa, Moriya-City, Ibaraki, Japan map
Tel         81-297-45-1415
Fax         81-297-45-1416
Address [Warehouse] 2102-2 Kutsukake, Bando-City, Ibarak, Japan map
[Head Office]


[Inside the Warehouse]